French BullDog Mixed With English Bulldog

French BullDog Mixed With English Bulldog Amazing Information

French BullDog Mixed With English Bulldog are some of the world’s most popular breeds of dogs.

You get the very best of both worlds if you mix the 2 breeds.

So it makes good sense that the Freelance Bulldog also referred to as the French Bulldog English Bulldog mix, is among the most loved furry friends of pet owners.

Great family pets

These hybrids are ideal for households with kids and seniors who want a dog that’s easy on their feet and it is comfortable.

They make excellent watchdogs since they’re faithful to their families and they look after them at all times. They’re patient and gentle with kids, at the very same time.

The French Bulldog – A Brief History Of The Breed

The story of the French Bulldog began during the 19th century in England as well as France. They are not from France at all!

In spite of their name, Frenchies first appeared in the UK during the 19th Century and have been raised as companion dogs just for the rich elite of France.

English lace workers, displaced by the Industrial Revolution, relocated to France in the late 1800s and brought their Toy Bulldogs with them.

These bulldogs had been crossbred with Parisian Ratters. The ensuing breed is the French Bulldog, which grew to be the preferred breed of the Parisian elite.

The Frenchie we love today 

Initially, they had been crossed with Parisian ratters and English Bulldogs to produce the legendary Frenchie we all love these days.

The resulting dog was tiny, stocky, mild-mannered, and had the distinctive bat ears “and stubby nose” which made them very distinctive.

Short History Of The French BullDog Mixed With English Bulldog

For centuries, French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are regarded as distinct breeds.

It’s, however, difficult to figure out when they were initially crossbred.

It appears very likely the 2 breeds were mixed at some time in their long history, however, there are no records of this.

In contemporary times, however, the surge of the English Bulldog Mix French Bulldog prompted several breeders to Mix the two breeds in America in the 1990s.

Exactly what Does a French BullDog Mixed With English Bulldog Look Like

French Bulldog English Bulldog Mixes possess undershot teeth, strong jowls, short muzzles, and well-developed muscles within their broad shoulders in addition to short legs.

The French Bulldog English Bulldog Mix features a rolling gait that’s distinct, and while there are numerous variants in this breed, the nose is definitely stubby as well as the head is square-shaped.

Height Weight

French Bulldog English Bulldog Mixes tend to be medium-sized dogs with strong, athletic frames.

A fully developed French Bulldog English Bulldog Mix measures approximately 13 to 15 inches in the shoulders allowing it to weigh anywhere from twenty-eight to fifty-five lbs.

They have a short coat which could have either pointy or floppy ears and are available in a variety of colors.

English Bulldog French Bulldog Mix Health Problems

English Bulldogs as well as French Bulldogs both have health problems.

It is because of generations of breeding and shorter muzzles.

This means that any French Bulldog or English Bulldog Mix may also be a little more vulnerable to health issues.

Their looks can be deceiving

French Bulldog English Bulldog Mixes may appear rather fierce but they are really one of probably the most gentle, soft-hearted, and affectionate breeds in the world.

They make a fantastic addition to any family because of their gentle nature and their faithful personalities.

They are great with little kids and can be trusted along with other pets in the home – they are extremely friendly breeds.


French Bulldog Mix Nicknames For The English Bulldog 

  • French English Bulldog
  • Freelance Bulldog
  • Frenglish Bulldog

English Bulldog – A Brief History

English Bulldogs are among the most recognizable symbols of Great Britain and had been initially bred during the 13th Century.

They are bred for bull baiting

These dogs, initially developed in England, were utilized for bullbaiting, a well-known sport where dogs have been pitted against bulls.

The canines were taught to end up being strong, stubborn, and courageous with strong jaws which could hold the bull’s nose and never let go.

Bull-baiting then became illegal

In 1835, though, bull baiting in England was banned and so the English Bulldog faced a very serious chance of extinction.

Thankfully, they grew to be extremely popular in England, therefore they had been bred to be even-tempered, affectionate, and gentle companion dogs rather than dangerous guard dogs.

These gentle dogs made great guardians for young kids, in spite of their intimidating appearance.

They possess a temperament of calm as well as patience and are extremely faithful to their families. They’re often called “lap dogs” because they’re very affectionate.

They still have a few health problems

Although they continue to have some health problems because of their breeding past, breeders have worked to lessen these issues as well as create healthy as well as happy dogs.

However, they have come a long way

The English Bulldog has come quite a distance from its initial origin as a combat dog, and it is now renowned because of its gentle, affectionate, and kind nature.

They also have medical problems of their very own.

Just like the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog is likewise prone to health problems.

The proprietor of a French Bulldog must be aware of these health problems as well as choose a breeder who is knowledgeable as well as knows what he’s doing to keep his dog in good health.

Frenchies are popular

Are you aware that Frenchies tend to be the 2nd most popular dog breed based on the American Kennel Club?!

They’re adored for their affectionate nature, their fun-loving character as well as their adaptability to city life. They’re oftentimes referred to as clowns, as a result of their funny antics and their love for attention.

These days, it appears as if everybody has a Frenchie.

Their flat faces can result in breathing issues, and they might also be vulnerable to hip dysplasia as well as allergies.


French Bulldogs have a life expectancy of ten to 12 years while an English Bulldog has a life expectancy of about ten years.

As a result, a French Bulldog English Bulldog Mix has a life expectancy of anywhere from ten and 12 years, though in some instances they are able to live well into their teens

Health Problems – Common Health Problems

French Bulldog English Bulldog Mixes may suffer from a number of health conditions, among them:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Patellar luxation:
  • Dental problems
  • Skin allergies and rashes
  • Health consequences associated with obesity.
  • Cancerous tumors and leukemia.
  • Conditions including Retinal Degeneration as well as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

English Bulldog French Bulldog Mix Shedding

Both English Bulldogs, as well as French Bulldogs, shed their fur during the year, with additional shedding during seasonal variations in the weather.

What this means is that a mixture of the 2 breeds will shed in the same manner.

Moderate shedders

The French Bulldog – English Bulldog Mix, as a result, sheds its fur fairly throughout the entire year, with improved shedding rates as the seasons change.

They are really easy to groom, though

Nevertheless, because they have short coats there should not be an enormous quantity of fur to take care of though they need to be brushed a few times a week and use a regular weekly bath.

The FURminator is among the most effective brushes you can buy for shedding your hair.

Comparable to a Frenchie:

Generally, you are going to shed about exactly the same amount of hair as a French Bulldog if you have an English Bulldog Mix.

Not good for dog allergy sufferers

What this means is that they aren’t ideal for individuals who have allergies or skin disorders, because these dogs aren’t hypoallergenic.

English Bulldog Price French Bulldog Mix Price 

The cost range with regard to a French Bulldog English Bulldog Mix can be between $1,000 and $4,400.

Price Varies

The cost of the puppies depends on the place you’re residing along with the breeder’s credentials and also the quality of the puppy’s genetic background.

Cost of a French Bulldog

A French Bulldog typically costs around USD 3,000 – USD 4,000 out of an established breeder; Nevertheless, in some instances, they’re priced at more than USD 10,000!

Cost of an English Bulldog

An English Bulldog may set you back between USD 1000 to USD 6000; Nevertheless, the purchase price could easily surpass this in case the puppies possess a very sought-after genetic lineage, like the French bulldogs.

Is a French Bulldog Right for me personally?

When you are searching for a family pet or a friendly companion, you will find no much better breed than the French Bulldog – English Bulldog Mix.

There are a few health problems related to this particular breed, though you need to keep your eye out for them and also get them examined by your veterinarian as frequently as you can.

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